About us

The CIS Logistics Experts for your Success



Our company ‘ECOVICE’ is a solid mid-sized logistics
company in Korea implementing local logistics
business such as international transport,
export and import clearance, logistics center and shipping,
and distribution with specialization in CIS
(the Commonwealth of Independent States)
regions including Russia.

Having entered Moscow, Russia in 1993, we have established and operated local corporation in major CIS countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan The initial customs clearance business that focused on import customs clearance established localization and specialization based on know-hows and infrastructure and along with the 21st century, expanding local logistics center operation and distribution business, currently we have come to be equipped with CIS expertise total logistics business in deed as well as in name
‘ECOVICE’ will collectively support logistics and distribution necessary for the entire process from shipment to the final delivery of products anywhere in the world so that numerous export companies entering the CIS can focus only on local marketing.
‘ECOVICE’, as an expert in CIS logistics for customers’ success, will actively accept customers’ request and devote ourselves to preoccupy local market and invigorate export through increase in competitiveness in the future and we promise to you the renewal of professional service exclusive of ‘ECOVICE’ with more advancement and specialization.
All employees and executives of ECOVICE